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Advanced technology of massage chairs
Sep 01, 2016

1, Thai reinforcement techniques: Thai reinforcement application in the Massage Chair is a traditional massage techniques combined with good technology, through top fixed leg stretching, clamping shoulder and waist, human arc stretching to the biggest stretch muscles, so as to achieve the purpose of stretching and collateral circulation.

2, curved rail space technology: Rails is the backbone of massage chairs, curved rail, as the latest generation of rail technology in space, with a double l and SL guide rails two space curved rail technology with extra long massage stroke, the outer body neck, shoulder, back, waist, hip and thigh massage throughout, avoiding the limitations of traditional massage chairs can massage your back.

3, zero-gravity space capsule technologies: air distribution and massage comfort number is one of the decisive factors, zero-gravity space capsule technologies according to ergonomic principles to massage chairs massage balloon for scientific allocation of airbags full wrap around the body via airbag retractable barometric pulse on the neck and shoulder, waist, back, buttocks, legs and feet with a comfortable massage. Simulated zero gravity of space, legs taller than body height, 127 ° angle between the torso and legs, allow massage to all of your weight evenly distributed, allowing your body in a natural and comfortable State, release of physical and mental pressure.

4, and foot end of wheel scraping technology: Massage Chair foot end of wheel before and after staggered, tie 8 a convex points refers to pressure, massage range throughout foot end of, tie balloon extrusion massage, achieved foot end of 360 ° full package wheel scraping massage, avoid metabolism waste and the toxins and makes peripheral cycle further deterioration formed cycle, makes foot Department of blood velocity increased, enhanced body blood cycle, accelerated body metabolism waste through kidney, organ discharge body outside.

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