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Effect of massage chairs
Sep 01, 2016

Spinal correction: through the body's nerve cells and muscle cells-intensive parts of the spine, through acupressure, massage, traction and orderly cleared up, and quickly convey the depths of the thermal energy in the body, combined with the effect of light and heat, light, and softens the tissue and the traction of the spine. Western orthopedic of spine correction learn think: human in long-term of work life in the, due to bad of life work way on human spine caused damage, makes spine appeared skew, and shift, to on spine neural organization caused different degree of oppression, damage has neural normal of work function, reduced has neural organization on human within treads of physiological function of regulation capacity, to caused human natural immunity of declined, eventually led to body various disease of occurred. Therefore, the spine is not healthy is emergence of various diseases of the human body a major source.

Hot Shi Zhi: can white blood cells moving energy in order to strengthen the function and promote metabolism of adrenal gland, features enhanced inflammatory and immune function. Heat is a kind of physical energy. Utilization in biological energy into thermal energy, is a method of physical therapy is the most commonly used. It is on the surface of the human body meridians and acupoints and stimulation of the pain to a certain degree, giving Meridian warm breath, smooth blood circulation, so as to prevent and cure diseases.

Massage: for specific parts of the human body (meridians, acupuncture point, nerve) dredges, regulates nerve and eliminate pain.

Beauty: refers to a variety of massage methods to perfect body posture, the body beautiful, sexy, great skin, thin face, promotion, slimming effect.

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