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How to choose a Massage Chair
Sep 01, 2016

Massage chairs of the machinery can be divided into two kinds of metals and plastics: metal movement of the Massage Chair products are low noise, long service life, but the price is generally higher; massage chairs of plastic machinery products are mainly on the life of lower metal movement of the Massage Chair, a slight noise, the price is relatively low.

Far infrared massage chairs massage ball body heat moxibustion Meridian massage, acupressure, pressure, combined with far-infrared radiation, which generates negative ions, activates cell molecule to stimulate nerves, dredges, promote blood circulation, so as to achieve the goal of balance of yin and Yang, Qi and blood flow or metabolism. Many, many varieties of massage chairs on the market brand, consumers will not be "far-infrared says" talk is the most critical, so it's best to choose a specific standard description, brand of far infrared products.

What are the effects of the Massage Chair?

Rolling Massage Chair principle is the use of mechanical force and mechanical force compression to massage. Massage Chair manufacturer's promotional materials such as advertising claims is imitate professional massagist to massage chairs manufactured, but massage can be used to massage the body points, mechanical action of massage chairs is unable to achieve this effect. In other words, manual massage dredges, circulation of qi and blood, and so the effect can be achieved, but the Massage Chair massage can only suppress fatigue, alleviate discomfort and relaxing, no therapeutic effect. In addition, the consumer is not easy to control the Massage Chair gets so cannot have an Massage Chair as disease therapy device.

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