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Massage bed
Sep 01, 2016

Also known as the Shiatsu massage bed bed, beauty bed, massage bed, back bed, foot bath shops, beauty salons, physiotherapy is widely used in hospitals, baths, and other places. Regular dimensions 1900*700*650mm.

Frame structure: usually massage bed base with wooden frame, iron spray plastic, aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel frame, wooden stands cost is higher, followed by aluminum alloy and stainless steel frame. Which iron is relatively affordable, reliable color fastness, the disadvantage is that long after, the paint will fall off, the interface will open. Stainless steel is recommended in places such as bath back or water, will not easily rust even moisture and humidity high. Iron spray new moon looks smooth, but also difficult to rust and are easily welded into a sturdy, rust-resistant than stainless steel in a wet place. Massage beds have higher reliability of solid wood bed frame and gives the higher grade, but due to high costs, resulting in higher prices.

Soft package structure: bale fillers are often used in hard or soft match two sponges, guaranteed comfort at the same time ensure that the bed deformation and high elasticity. Fabrics go well with quality leather material, usually leather, PU leather, Micro Fiber leather, leather, cloth fabric can also be used.

To self Shiatsu meridians of the body and stimulate a variety of receptors, which balance of yin and Yang, Qi, enhance the function of internal organs. Shiatsu medicine believe that diseases are not released and energy caused by uneven. Shiatsu massage through the Palm, thumb and finger joint, elbow, knee, or foot to press the parts of the body, they glide and energy Meridian lines tubing, to pressure the body hundreds of points points. Acupressure is not only safe and effective, and to maintain their health, enhance the vitality, balance blood plays an important role.

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