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Massage Chair
Sep 01, 2016

People are tired, efficacy of the Massage Chair, sitting for long periods for those who work and study, massage unobstructed blood circulation, improve low back pain and prevent disease, can improve the quality of sleep, relieve body fatigue, improve posture and exercise a healthy body.

First of all, you should choose a commensurate with the size of the Massage Chair. If it is too big or too small will not make Massage Chair massage to the corresponding parts of the body. Because the Massage Chair is primarily designed for relaxation and health, so should be considered when selecting the feature full.

Select massage chairs need to consider many factors, massage chairs of the core components of the main movement, rail, motor, material aspects of a quality Massage Chair depends largely on the quality of these core components:

Boards can be said to massage chairs of the brain, used to control Massage Chair program, power supply, operation of the pneumatic valve motor carrier, transmitted through the Massage Chair controller commands, accepted by the Board and issued a directive to the chair massage body and massage movements, is one of the most important components.

A Massage Chair is good or bad, not only to look at its functions, whether the material well, remains to be seen whether his massage programs personalized program experience is high.

Massage Chair movement mix manipulator robot motors and control devices, it can walk freely on the Rails, he lay on his back and hips according to guide length mechanical massage.

Rail is the main mechanism of massage chairs, with a manipulator as well as most of the internal parts of the movement, is the overall framework of the Massage Chair.

Massage chairs of the manipulator, through program design, you can achieve a variety of human massage, massage theory, achieve the massage effect, to dredge up, blood circulation, and maintain the body's balance of yin and Yang, robot massage massage Massage Chair the main ways.

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