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Massage Chair sat at a time long before the most appropriate
Sep 01, 2016

Tiring day people always trying to relax, massage. But sometimes a massage is no way to do it. But with the development of society, and smart people always have a variety of ways. A Massage Chair, but people often have a dependency on something. Long time sitting on the Massage Chair is right for you? Exactly how long is a Massage Chair is right?

Rolling Massage Chair principle is the use of mechanical force and mechanical force compression to massage. Manual massage to meridians, Qi and blood circulation, maintain the body's balance of yin and Yang, so massage can feel the muscles relaxed and joints flexible, refreshing, reduce fatigue, has an important role to guarantee health. For the normal, manual massage increases the body's natural resistance to, and health effects.

But the mechanical Massage Chair massage and manual massage is different, although it has a few contacts, but not points, similar to acupuncture and manual massage movements, just imitate people "rub" and "pinching" movements. Therefore, it can only suppress fatigue, alleviate discomfort and relaxing, not treatment, and that its strength is difficult to control power hour, not very useful, strength will make the muscle pain.

In addition, some people are not suitable for use with massage chairs: one is that patients with heart disease, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Because massage can raise the body's blood circulation speed and can easily lead to heart disease and high blood pressure patients; and osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency and other reasons, resulting in brittle bones, massage, strength, particularly prone to fracture. Second, local skin breakdown, ulcers, bleeding and patients with tuberculosis, tumors. Three is too hungry, overeaten, drunk or tired people.

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