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What is not suitable for using a Massage Chair?
Sep 01, 2016

Although the massage chairs have eliminated the effects of fatigue, but not for everyone. Glutton, alcohol or fatigue are not suitable for use in patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, and should not be used in patients with osteoporosis, because massage chairs massage ball rolling will accelerate blood circulation, can easily lead to heart disease and other pathologies. Osteoporosis bone itself had calcium deficiency condition long after press patient deterioration, or even cause fractures. In addition, massage chairs are usually for full body massage, skin damage and should not be used in patients with tuberculosis, cancer, so as not to aggravate the disease.

Because the Massage Chair can generate electromagnetic radiation, person after use in pregnant women can cause miscarriages, birth defects and other bad consequences, shopping guide, experts say, because there is no electromagnetic waves on the international lead to conclusion in abortion, but for prevention, pregnant women should exercise caution exposure to electromagnetic waves.

Time measure

Ordinary people use massage chairs of the time should not exceed 30 minutes per time. Time in the morning or the night before is a good choice, use can eliminate sleep sleepy in the morning, before bedtime may remove the fatigue of the day. In addition, use the Massage Chair to maintain a comfortable, quiet mind, relax all your muscles, helps the blood circulation.

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