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3D Intelligent Massage Combined With Wireless Control, Leading Now
Sep 01, 2016

In recent years, the "intelligent home" the words slowly came close to people's lives, "interconnection, control, communication and interaction" and other words has become the domestic industry's hot topics, rongtai development trends have seen the future of science and technology, the success of "sofa" comfort "intelligent massage" combination products listed in the industry has aroused great repercussions.

White collar people who fight in metropolitan believe have deep experience, hectic work pressures, coupled with computers sitting Office day joints, spine and other parts of the body to bear a significant burden, long term harms health. Old man getting on the other hand, due to the aging of the body parts, and life is harder when you are young, not nice, to endure harassment of arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, reduced quality of life. It is well known that massage can improve low back pain and prevent illness, and improves sleep quality, improve posture and exercise a healthy body. But most young people don't have the time, elderly people are reluctant to spend too much money. Enjoy easy and convenient massage at home has become the first choice for many people with high quality.

According to United States Space Agency (NASA) space capsule developed zero-gravity Massage Chair, zero gravity could allow massage to all of your weight evenly distributed, making the body in a natural and comfortable State. Not only this Massage Chair combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory, combining traditional medical massage and acupuncture techniques, implements to fit new 3D intelligent massage of the back curve. And in order to meet the present needs of the young people, the products are also available through the Bluetooth wireless technology makes your phone, Tablet PCs can be Control Panel, get you home at any time and enjoy tailor-made luxury massage experience.

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