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Advantages Of Using A Massage Chair Vs. A Massage Table
Dec 05, 2016

Portability: Although some massage tables are portable, massage tables are usually more heavy and bulky to carry and transport and may not be the best ‘fit’ in public environments, such as a business office or a mall setting, to give a massage. Massage chairs are mostly lighter, smaller, and easier to carry and are used specifically used in specific venues.

Client positioning: With a traditional massage table the client will disrobe and lie face down onto the table, putting their face into a head rest while lying down, with the massage therapist generally standing next to the client while applying the massage. A massage chair positions the client seated in a forward-tilting position on the massage chair, allowing the massage therapist to stand directly behind the client which offers a easy access to the places that get sore the most in people, which are usually the back, shoulders, arms, and head/neck regions.

Venue of massage: A massage table is used for longer massage sessions in spas, massage therapy businesses, and homes where there is space and privacy for the user to undress and relax in security and comfort to receive a full-body massage. A massage chair is used in public places such as a public event, corporate offices or the mall, and for shorter massage sessions where the client is not required to undress.

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