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Gymnastics Mats Raised In The Domestic Market, A Fire
Sep 01, 2016

Gymnastics mats in the industry categories can be said now is not particularly specific, detailed, and is generally divided into small folding gymnastic mats, gymnastics mats, general gymnastics mat, game-specific gymnastics mats and other categories. Main function is built on the gymnastics training or competition venues, the gymnasts play a role in protecting physical safety. Belonging to security tools, with the social development of gymnastics mats are slowly changing the scope, now also used in many dance gymnastics mats lay on the ground, to protect the safety of participants.

Gymnastics mat colors: colors: red, blue, yellow, green, Orange, purple, black, and so on.

Gymnastics mats material: canvas, Oxford cloth, leather cloth, such as inner polyethylene, compressed sponge, polyurethane, foam sponge, etc-

Not to the scene, there are so many things not understood, today we learn from textbooks without knowledge. Following only on gymnastics pad of classification be description: gymnastics pad of classification main is to inside by with of material different indefinite, can is divided into general gymnastics pad, compression sponge pad and PVC sponge package,; if according to movement project different, and can is divided into gymnastics pad, high jump sponge pad, Yoga Yoga pad, lift fist road pad,; according to using crowd, and can is divided into: students with gymnastics pad, professional with gymnastics pad, training with gymnastics pad,.

Gymnastics mats are in sports gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, bouncing and other essential equipment. Gymnastics mats on the market inconsistencies the quality, selection of gymnastics mats to be nontoxic, tasteless, good elasticity. Push gymnastics mat surface with the Palm, to have a feeling of dryness, if gymnastics mat surface blowing agent residues have a slippery feel, which belongs to the quality is not very good. Use in practice will be apt to slip and fall injuries.

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