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History Of The Best Massage Chair
Sep 01, 2016

Asia's first healthy living brands OSIM OSIM released the global innovation "triple protection" massage sofa uDiva Queen, with its stylish Plaid, button design, with a fine sense of the rolled edge design, combined with detailed leather and chrome-plated base, leading furniture fashion winds, were insiders dubbed "the world's most beautiful massage sofa" reputation.

Says the most beautiful massage sofa, sofa's first "evolution". First sofa in the world dating back to around 2000 BC in ancient Egypt, the skins outer Ottoman, bench seat, leather, rushes, or tow rope woven seat, can be considered to be the world's first "sofa".

In the 1920 of the 20th century, a man named Dan Lofu (Dunlop) who has invented a new technology – rubber padded foam. In the 60 's, this developed into an inflatable, water-filled cushions, mass-produced and marketed in many countries, real sofa began to enter the homes of ordinary people.

Now, it is no longer content to sit in on an ordinary sofa drinking tea and reading newspapers, and sofa with massage function came into being. And proud WINS OSIM rainy day, insight to Massage Chair only in massage comfortable degree of advantage is enough of, Visual of enjoy, and design of sophisticated also is indispensable of, so uDiva small days massage sofa of birth, will became massage sofa history Shang of important moments, OSIM uDiva small days massage sofa first charming sofa, and spoiled Chair and body massage function three bit Yu one, can with to consumers "triple care". Not only home space, 34%, a unique "3D Moli ball massage deep massage and dynamic 3D" technology, the perfect fusion of kneading, pounding and rolling massage, deep muscle layer, bring strength strong, smooth and the precision of the body curves of body massage.

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