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How To Choose A Good Massage Table? -3
Feb 28, 2017

PowerPoint Presentation:

Lighter massage tables are usually made of aluminum as it is a lighter material than wood. But this also pushes up the cost of the massage table as aluminum as a raw material is much more expensive than wood. If you find a heavier table that you like, you can overcome its weight a little by investing a massage table trolley to wheel your massage table around in. They are a fairly new product to the UK and as of yet I have yet to test one out but I have heard from friends that they come in handy on mobile visits.

Wood or aluminum?:

Wood or aluminum? This is a common question I get asked. Many instructors advise their students to get wooden tables because that is what they have used and aluminum massage beds are a fairly recent innovation (circa 5 years). Please note when I say aluminium I don't mean metal or steel which older tutors may confuse as being aluminium. My current massage bed for mobile work is aluminum and I must say I prefer it to my wooden massage tables. It is stronger yet lighter. I think aesthetically speaking wooden massage tables can be easier on the eye but don't be a sucker for good looks when personality (functionality in this case) is more important!)

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