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How To Choose A Good Massage Table? -4
Mar 07, 2017

PowerPoint Presentation:

For more strenuous therapies such as sports massage I would personally recommend an aluminum massage table. Some tables have wooden legs but have an aluminum frame, which is a compromise in weight reduction. At the end of the day it's a personal choice which you will have to make with both options having pros and cons. I prefer aluminium firstly because I feel they stand up to greater abuse and secondly they will be light enough to take to games, matches and mobile visits on a regular basis.

Working weight::

Working weight: Working weight of the table is the amount of weight a table can take spread out evenly or proportioned evenly across the surface of the table, during normal treatments. Standard working weights are around the 450lb mark with some offering up to 500lbs. Bear in mind that the client weights that you would regularly come into contact range from 120-250lbs and you will never really need to use the higher end of the 450lbs working weight. A word of caution, when I first started out many years ago I broke the base board of one of my tables. It was actually my client, but I say I broke it because I should have instructed or helped the guy to turn.

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