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How To Choose Satisfying Massage Chair
Sep 01, 2016

From product quality, features and value for money choice in terms of massage chairs, but many customers do not understand what is a really good Massage Chair, often with a regular massage chairs you see in the supermarket at the Mall for purchasing standards, in many cases, money did not buy a really good products to our customers. Consumers when choosing a Massage Chair, most should look at is the quality of their products and services!

Massage Chair product quality can be judged from the following aspects:

1. the appearance of the product process

Appearance of the technology, the popularity of the style, product development, customer can see if work fine, first-class product will not be the appearance of rough.

2. when running, low noise

Only the precision of the mechanical structure does not produce noise, good product sound uniform, noise of mechanical clearance inside the Massage Chair is uneven, difficult will become looser.

3. internal components with high quality

After opening the Massage Chair cover movement, high-end massage chairs will not be in the chassis and gear and pulley key parts such as plastic parts, aluminum and steel.

4. neck massage

Kneading massage Chair on the neck are not in place, it is critical, then knead round horizontal hard, strike many massage chairs are not in place due to kneading body strength is limited, involving larger cost differences.

5. waist effective massage

Test if you can massage the waist to: wheel walk up and down the back, to back a comprehensive massage, length of the Rails, range of massages can be guaranteed. Rail length, lateral deformation of pressure it is easy to make him. So either adopts imported high-rigidity materials, either shorten the rail length by using inexpensive materials.

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