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Japan: Portable 3D Female Popular Massage Chair, Annual Sales Of 200,000 Units
Sep 01, 2016

Last year, Japan monthly magazines were published in the Nikkei Trendy "2014 best30 popular item ranking", which number 13 is a popular 3D women Massage Chair, 2014 years sold only 200,000 units, what are reasons to make it successful?

Hugo's net from Japan media learned the DIME reported recently, Japan Osaka perennial Dream Factory for other companies OEM December 2013 launch of the brand for the first time the 3D Massage Chair, achieved good results at the outset.

This product became fairly popular, the main reason is "small". Massage chairs in General about 100kg, but only 4.6kg this 3D Massage Chair, the thickness of 4cm folding carry very convenient. You can put it on the sofa, Office chairs, stove, or any place you like in the car, NAP massage for an instant. Product owner Fujiwara, Sheng said, "product launch early, thought to cause of high prices is affecting sales, but after hearing investigation we found that size is the key to massage chairs, so we removed the unnecessary parts, with a focus on capturing massage handle technical issues. ”

This 3D Massage Chair designed 5 colors, decorative LED in the massage balls. The idea first and a female staff, increase product design more in a woman's market. Asakusa ROX in stores, consumers can experience stereo Rotary massage ball, reproduce the touch of finger massage, extending from the shoulders to the waist can be reached by press, strong, adjustable, using at the same time can see the LED light.

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