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Massage Chair Rail Technology Breakthroughs Leading The Industry Trend
Sep 01, 2016

With the improvement of people's living standards, multifunctional Massage Chair, a former upscale luxuries are also gradually finding their way into the homes of ordinary people, but Massage Chair users how to select, how there are plenty of doubts. Massage Chair Rails, guides also known as skeleton of the Massage Chair, Massage Chair is one of the core components, and space curved Rails as the most advanced Massage Chair rail technology, are becoming a Massage Chair the new trend of the industry benchmark, was popular and respected high-end users and professionals. Today, let us into a space curved rail-the guide of massage chairs have breakthrough revolutionary technology to understand its past and present, understanding its massage chairs, real value to people's health.

New steel frame-Massage Chair life 30% more

Space song rail using high performance fine steel skeleton for design, to currently online sales most hot of KGC Kadje poems Massage Chair for cases, its space song rail using of material are for Baosteel quality steel, steel hardness HRC in 60 above, steel strength high, and toughness good, and wear, and resistance corrosion, ensure Massage Chair can bear different weight of user groups times of massage experience and not appeared any deformation.

Has a space curve track Massage Chair the entire trajectory bent into an l-shaped guideway from top to bottom, steep walk break generation, the whole rail extends from top to bottom, tailbone massage. Guides the overall design completely fit the body's natural curves, natural l-shaped massage manipulator based on Rails to moderate the acupoints pressing in order to alleviate fatigue, achieve the purpose of Shu by the tongluo, massage.

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