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Massage Chairs Can Relieve Fatigue, But These Types Of People Not Suitable!
Sep 01, 2016

One feels dizziness in spring and fatigue in autumn, every summer we can all feel obviously lazy, high heat is also very easy to sweat and body fatigue. For workers, especially, a lot of people feel that after work, back home in bed and slept until the next day. Some people eat to relieve fatigue; someone with movement to listlessness; someone with Massage Chair to relieve fatigue. Then Massage Chair is easy, but it is not suitable for people.

Who are unfit to use the massage chairs?

Patients with heart disease, high blood pressure and osteoporosis

Because massage can raise the body's blood circulation speed and can easily lead to heart disease and high blood pressure patients; and osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency and other reasons, resulting in brittle bones, massage, strength, particularly prone to fracture.

Local skin breakdown, ulcers, bleeding and patients with tuberculosis, tumor

Massage Chair is by mechanical rolling and extrusion force for massage. Its strength is difficult to control power hour, not very useful, strength will make the muscle pain or causing bodily injury. If your skin is damaged and phenomena such as tuberculosis, ulcers, bleeding, so, in case you use a Massage Chair is not recommended. In addition, cancer patients should not use the Massage Chair.

Pregnant women, too hungry, overeaten, drunk or tired people

Because the Massage Chair can generate electromagnetic radiation, said that pregnant women use a Massage Chair may appear miscarriage, birth defects and other negative consequences. Although many shopping guide to explain, because there is no electromagnetic waves on the international lead to conclusion in abortion, but to nip, pregnant women should exercise caution exposure to electromagnetic waves.

If you're too hungry, overeaten, alcoholism or excessive fatigue situations, should not use the massage chairs, in these circumstances the use of massage chairs, will cause bad effects to user ...

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