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Why Massage Chair Massage Back?
Sep 01, 2016

Massage scene we see in General, always on guests to lie face down on the massage table, massage therapist to massage their back. Using a massage chair massage, on which you are lying, but also massage chairs massage ball to the shoulder, neck and back massage. Don't we face need massage? this is why? the original work of modern humans, regardless of the nature of the work, or whether it is standing still at his desk, almost all of the neck and back. For example, white-collar workers sitting at a computer desk, usually with the head, back before seeming to. Muscles on the front of the body in a relaxed state, and neck and back muscles to keep head and torso leaning forward too much need to keep tension, although strength without a lot, that people think is hard, long neck and back muscles will fatigue. Stand workers such as teachers and police, they stand front muscles in a relaxed state, and lower-back muscles are tense for a long time. So no matter what kind of work a day, in the end people always "low back pain", rarely "chest acids abdominal pain." So natural to weary muscles of the back massage.

Massage really work?

Clinical studies have shown that regular massage helps relieve stress, you can naturally increase immune system destruction capabilities, improving the body's overall immune function. Testing has shown that even half an hour massage, it can also significantly reduce the heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels (both hormones increase the risk). Massage is also a climate conducive to maintaining and improving the flexibility and treatment. Through the muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints, massage can improve your muscle range of motion, your movements more fluid, making them less prone to injury. If conditions allow, regular massage is very beneficial to the body. Just go out massage cost is not low, also takes a lot, which most people cannot afford.

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